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Workaholic Part 2

So now that you or someone you love has confessed they may be a workaholic, how do you overcome it...and still keep your job. While this isn’t an overnight fix, there are changes you can start making now to move towards a healthier work environment.

#1: Commit to fixing the problem. Like most problems, the first thing to do is admit there is a problem. Then admit that you want to change the problem. See who you want to me and work towards that in your daily choices.

#2: Talk to your boss. Sit with them and have an honest discussion about the habits you’ve started and how they are impacting your life. You want to figure out how to have a good work/life balance.

#3: Practice setting boundaries. Practice leaving work at work and home at home. This is especially hard now with so many people working from home. You may need someone to remind you to shut off work at a certain time. Have someone hold you accountable.

#4: Rest intentionally. Carve out time in your schedule to rest, body and mind. Use your paid time off and get outside and away from your work situation. In the long run this will make your work more productive.

#5: Pursue health in all areas of life. Make sure you are eating well, sleeping well, getting some exercise each day. Find activities that help you relieve stress and enjoy life each day.

#6: Seek professional help. You may need to see a trained counselor. They will be able to give you guidance on how to tackle everything you’re going through. It’s been a rough year, take care of your mental health.

#7: Make sure you’re in the right job. You may need a different job if you can’t make these changes. Perhaps you’re in a toxic work environment or you have a boss that is unwilling to work with you. No job is worth your overall well-being.

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