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Money Tendencies Part 1

I was speaking with a friend a while ago and we were discussing personality types. There are a bunch of different tests to take to determine your personality, my current favorite is the enneagram test...I’m an 8. We all have personal tendencies that make up our money personality as well. A money personality is made up of 7 tendencies that identify how you handle money. This week I’m going to discuss these...perhaps you’ll learn something about yourself (or your loved ones).

#1: Spender or Saver: Spenders see so many creative ways to spend money. Money burns a hole in their pocket and they are always coming up with ways to spend it. They are usually very generous people. Savers would rather keep their money for a rainy day. Having money put away gives them a feeling of security. Spenders need to learn to prioritize savings and Savers need to learn to spend some so they don’t miss out on life.

#2: Nerd or Free Spirit: Nerds love spreadsheets and budgets and working through math problems. I am a true nerd! They are laser focused on what they need to do to win with money. However, this can wear out their family, and themselves. Free Spirits while living life to the fullest and not worried about details, such as budgets, need to learn to be more intentional with their money.

#3: Experience or Things: Experience people love spending their money on things that create memories. They enjoy going out to dinner, attending concerts and traveling. Things people enjoy spending their money on tangible items. These are both good things and compliment each other. Nathan is a things person, I’m an experience. I make sure he gets out enjoys stuff, he makes sure we have things to make life enjoyable.

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