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Finding Peace of Mind Part 2

Continuing on finding Peace of Mind during crazy are more tips for you.

#6: Sleep: When you’re done being active and spending time outside, get a good night's sleep. Create a wind-down routine before bed to help you fall asleep quickly and get quality sleep. A good night’s sleep will set you up for success the next day.

#7: Eat Well. For me this is hard, because when stress comes along, I want to eat chocolate and sweets. However, this never makes my stress go away and actually just adds new stress! However, sugar and caffeine will increase your stress levels. Try to make healthy food choices.

#8: Practice Forgiveness. Not only is this a commandment from God, but it is good for our health, probably one of the reasons He wants us to do it! Often it is not someone else we need to forgive, but it ourselves and moving forward from past mistakes. Choose to forgive and move forward with your life.

#9: Listen to music. When I’m stressed my music is usually loud and fast, but as my body de-stresses, then my music becomes more serene as well. Find what helps your anxiety and listen to perhaps not political talk radio!

#10: Clean your living space. I do some of my best cleaning when I’m stressed or anxious. The physical act of cleaning helps clear my mind and the result makes me feel like I have truly accomplished something. Stress cleaning can be great for you and your home.

More tips to do you handle stress and anxiety? Don’t let money stress wear you down, I’m here to help.

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